This is my final episode for 2018 and what a way to close with Jason Upton. This was a bucket list interview for me. I’ve loved his music and worship since I first heard it in 2003.

This conversation is deep and profound. I think you’ll want to listen again and again and again like I have … because if you hang around a little longer and dig a little deeper, you’ll be surprised what you never heard the first time. 

The backdrop of so much of this interview came out of a question about one song back on his REMEMBER album - called FLY. A song that was recorded live and where it seems like an angel joins in and sings with Jason. Upton seemed to me - almost uncomfortable at first chatting about it - not wanting to draw attention to himself - not wanting to take from the mystery of that moment and define it I guess … But out of that question he so beautifully answers so much more than I asked for - he gives away the depth of his heart and it flows like a river full of life into topics like spontaneity and modern worship, mystery and certainty, memory and remembrance, the important of listening and waiting.

There is a section where he speaks about Jesus being the ultimate worship leader - the one who turns the desolate places into promised lands…  

He mentioned he was keen to chat again in the new year after recording his new album. Maybe then we can also talk about chat about his profound adoption story.

I did manage to sneak in a question about his revelation on the daddy heart of God… And one of my favourite parts of our conversation is when he speak about  what encourages his heart about the church in 2018. He quotes Eugene Peterson - “everyones is so down on the church but can you imagine the world without her…” I love that!

From my side - a huge thank you for supporting the beautiful pursuit. Every month we are climbing in downloads by the hundreds and that’s so encouraging to me. Thank you for your feedback and I wish you all a beautiful Christmas and a wonderful new year. May you rest deeply this festive season, and contemplate and take time to give thanks.

To my incredible husband and children. My community. Thank you amazing family and friends who have helped make this possible this year. And last but by no means least - my brilliant co producer and incredible sound designer - Sean Williams, thank you!  

Until next year- enjoy falling into this well my friends…