…”Human flourishing is not a mechanical process; it's an organic process. And you cannot predict the outcome of human development. All you can do, like a farmer, is create the conditions under which they will begin to flourish.” - Ken Robinson

Welcome to The Beautiful Pursuit, Episode 7 with Kirstin Maud.

Hello dear friends. I am SO excited to bring you this episode – it’s different! But much closer to home, my home. 

I recently had the privilege of being on an online internship with one of my heroes – Seth Godin. Seth ran a Podcast Fellowship with an amazing woman and podcaster Alex Di Palma. I was particularly challenged in one of the lessons where they encouraged us to START SMALL when it came to our podcast. By that they meant  - don’t rush out and try get big names – well known folk – start with the ten closest people to you. Having already started my podcast – I felt stumped for a few days. I had started pretty big. Shot high and hit target a few times too. 

And while they encouraged me that some can start big and it works - I loved the principle of starting small. I loved the idea of inviting you a closer into my world and into my beautiful pursuit. I made a list of the ten people (and more) that have fundamentally impacted and influenced my world and what I believed they would add to this podcast. I got really excited about the unique offerings they’d make and the fact that you could share in the inspiration and honesty, the vulnerability and the breakthrough of some pretty dynamic humans that I get to call my closest friends. 

I am thrilled to introduce one of my absolute best humans and friends to you - Kirstin Maud. And one of the wisest most joyful women I know!

Kirstin and her amazing husband Rob have been married 20 years this year. They have three delightful children Madison, Milla and Jude – whom Kirsti home-schools. Together with Kirstin’s brother Sebastian, Rob and Kirstin founded one of South Africa’s most exciting coffee brands – Motherland Coffee Company. Motherland recently turned 8 and is built on sustainability and fair trade principles - you will find their café’s popping up all over Johannesburg and Cape Town – with plans for international growth too. And if you’ve been listening since Episode 1 – you heard Martin Smith and Jonathan and Melissa Helser mention the goodness that is Motherland Coffee in their episodes!

Kirstin and Rob founded and own other successful business. These visionaries also lead the thriving and beautiful church community that my husband Rowan and I and our two little ones call home- and we serve as leaders in. The Collective Church in Johannesburg. You can take a look and a listen for more on The Collective Church online… 

My friendship with Kirstin goes back almost 15 years. You know those friends who become family – people you have so much history with. We’ve lived on the same property at one point, served on leadership teams together, travelled together, witnessed each others life’s major and minor events from (things like) our wedding and the birth of my children to the glorious ordinary moments of countless coffee’s and meals. In the last few years we’ve walked deeper than ever – both our families hugely impacted by time with The Helsers at their ministry A Place For The Heart. As a result we joined Rob and Kirstin with other dear friends of ours Janine and Sean Williams (who’s music you often hear on TBP) and we formed a ministry– hosting short retreats and worship nights – which later evolved into The Collective Church. Our great passion is to see others coming alive in their identity as children of God – living wholehearted lives and pursuing Him in everything. 

In the midst of prepping to host a Heart Journey Retreat in 2017, Kirstin encouraged us one night as a team to get a 20 years vision for our family and our lives. She spoke about being planted deeply but having wings for the world. She spoke about vision in a way I’ve never heard anyone speak. I knew in that moment that I was hearing a message that was destined to literally go around the world. It was dripping in hope and life and I wished I’d heard it ten years ago and that everyone I loved could hear it. Here we are in this episode talking about and unpacking that message! 

She lives this simple yet profound message. Together with Rob she is a big dreamer. Their family talk about grand adventures like building a house or going on a world trip and then schedule it. And I’ve watched them do it twice. They have faith and courage to literally walk out their dreams… Their lives are inspiring to so many. 

So here I am learning from my friend again – inviting you to do the same. My hope is that you will inspired and filled with courage to dust off your own heart longings and dreams and to partner with God to see the impossible made possible in your life!